Health Insurance




Many changes have happened since 2013 regarding Health Insurance.  At Health and Wealth Information we want to ensure that each individuals needs are fully met, this is why we meet with each individual and discuss what matters most to them.  From this meeting, we can determine what Insurance plan and carrier will be best for that individuals needs.  We can also determine if that indivdual is eligible for government assistance (subsidy) that will lower the cost of the premium.


Term Life Insurance

Provides coverage at a fixed rate of payments for a limited period of time. Term insurance is the least expensive way to purchase a substantial death benefit on a coverage amount per premium dollar basis over a specific period of time.

Whole Life Insurance

Whole Life is a life insurance policy that remains in force for the insured's whole life and requires (in most cases) premiums to be paid every year into the policy.


Long Term Disability

Long-term disability (LTD) insurance protects workers in the event they become disabled prior to retirement.

Short Term Disability

Short term disability insurance pays a percentage of your salary if you become temporarily disabled, which means that you are not able to work for a short period of time due to sickness or injury not related to your job.

Universal Life Insurance

A combination of term life insurance and a tax-deferred savings plan paying a variable return it offers flexible premiums and a flexible death benefit.



A savings plan that allows individuals to contribute a fixed amount of income to a retirement account and to defer taxes until withdrawl. 

Dental/ Vision Insurance

There are many options when it comes to Dental and Vision Insurance.  Health and Wealth will meet with the individual and determine what the needs are and from there give recommendations that will benefit most.

Holistic Approach

We have a great partnership with a Holistic Practisioner and when an individual is looking for treatment that goes beyond Western Medicine we can step in and direct them to the best option.